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BATTEN Girls, Japanese girls group, releases a video on the traditional art stage which used volumetric video technology

TOKYO, March 24, 2021  — BATTEN Records, Private music label of BATTEN Girls, announced that this Stardust Promotion’s Japanese girls group is going to release a new dance video “OiSa Volumetric Video ver.” on March 24, 2021 ( This video is captured by Canon’s volumetric technology which creates high resolution 3D space simultaneously from captured images. Canon created a studio specialized for this technology in its Kawasaki office since July 2020. Canon combined its technology with the traditional stage of Noh to create the Japanese pop culture experience. Audience can enjoy the dance performance from different points of view in the 3D world.
This video is created for a purpose to promote Japanese pop culture worldwide.
Due to COVID-19, people are restricted from traveling and are seeking new experiences. By employing Canon’s volumetric technology, people can enjoy online Japanese pop culture experience from multiple point of views in the digital world.
People who watched the original OiSa video since October 2020 liked the essence of Japanese folklore, and it was well received worldwide. This time, BATTEN Records creates this world and performance using Canon’s volumetric technology. BATTEN Records also creates English, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) subtitles on YouTube for fans around the world to enjoy the full Japanese entertainment experience. For this video shooting, it was challenging to capture hair, clothing, and the delicate dance movements of the group, but the footage behind the scenes will also be released along with the video.

Volumetric video is a technology which entails the creation of a 3D space from captured images. The process does not involve the stitching of image data from multiple cameras; instead, an entire 3D space is rendered as data, thus enabling the generation of video from any position or angle within such space. By using more than 100 specialized 4K cameras and Canon’s original technology, it creates high quality 3D data simultaneously with capturing.
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