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MetaMart, NFT marketplace specialized in 3D items on metaverse, has been β released with 108,000 pre-registered users.

MetaMart, an NFT marketplace that aims to create an infrastructure of the metaverse, has released its beta version on December 2.

Suishow Inc. (HQ: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Natsuki Kataoka) has officially released the open beta version of “MetaMart”, an NFT marketplace specializing in 3D items in the Metaverse, on December 2nd.
Released with over 108,000 pre-registrants
MetaMart is the world’s first NFT marketplace that focuses on the future of the metaverse and deals only with 3D items. They recently had a pre-registration and over 108,000 people signed up for it.
MetaMart URL:
Aims to create an infrastructure of metaverse
Although metaverse is currently becoming bigger, 3D files used in metaverse are often duplicated and bought and sold at prices not commensurate with the value of the items created.
Therefore, Suishow has developed a marketplace where 3D items can be easily bought and sold as NFT, in order to create the value of originality by giving NFT to 3D items and to guarantee the value of 3D items.
As MetaMart expands in the future, we will aim to become a marketplace that has all the items you want.
MetaMart features
1. 3D Rendering
By handling only 3D items, we can create a UI/UX that easily conveys the quality of the items. The more fun, the more real.
2. AR View
We are working to make sure that everyone who owns an NFT feels like they are owning actual items in real life, and…. snap an awesome pic. 

3. VRChat, Roblox, and more…
You can download 3D items after purchasing NFT, so you can use them in other companies’ metaverse such as VRChat and Roblox. 

4. Dress-up function & Suishow World
We are also developing a function that allows users to change the 3D items they have purchased into their own avatars and share them with others. In the future, we plan to make it possible to interact with these avatars in Suishow metaverse. 

About Suishow Inc.
Creating an Ecosystem of Blockchain and Metaverse

Suishow Inc. is a startup founded by Natsuki Kataoka.
A group of members (10 people in total), mainly students from Tokyo University and Waseda University, who sympathize with the potential of the metaverse and blockchain, are working on the NFT marketplace and the development of virtual spaces.


  • Company Name: Suishow Inc.
  • Representative: Natsuki Kataoka, CEO / Takahiro Kai, COO / Yuki Tatsukawa, CTO
  • HQ: 1-62-7 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0001, Japan
  • Date of establishment: May 21, 2021
  • Homepage