Revealing the New Trailer of our Multiplayer, Open-World, Survival, Monster Breeding, Crafting Game Palworld

Our Previous Trailer Achieved 10M Views in 3 Days!

Pocketpair Inc. based in Tokyo, Japan has released the new trailer of our new game Palworld.

The New Trailer will be available Friday, Jan. 21, 2022 1:00 a.m. (PST):

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Release Date for Early Access: 2022

# of Players: 1 ~ 8 and more

About Palworld’s New Trailer
Palworld is a ‘Multiplayer, Open-World, Survival, Monster Breeding,Crafting Game where you can collect the mysterious creatures called “Pal”. During this second trailer we are further showcasing your adventures in Palworld. You will be able to have Pal join to fight alongside you, build various structures, breed to grow a stronger Pal bloodline, ride as a mount, make them work in factories, sacrifice their lives for your safety, capture with lassos or Pal Spheres, put them into the Pal Box prisons, force Pals to fight against each other in the Arena, and their fate if they are caught by the poachers…
Just to mention a few.

On your adventures in Palworld, you can befriend Pals and explore the vast world happily together.
You can sell them, butcher them to eat, give them hard labor, pillage, rob and exercise complete mayhem but this is completely up to the players to make adult decisions like these since the laws in this world prohibit such activities. Just don’t get caught!
If your Pals get caught by poachers… probably best to not talk about it for now.

About This Game
Q. What is this game about?

A. Palworld is a game about living a slow easy-going happy life with mysterious creatures called “Pal” or throwing yourself into life-and-death battles with the villainous poachers.

Riding and Exploration
You can effortlessly make them fly, swim, drive a car, saddle on their back or shoulder, also dig holes somewhere if you want…
This way you can explore all kinds of places on land, sea, and in the sky by riding Pals.

Do you want to build a pyramid? A spaceship? A garden? Maybe just a house? You can have a large number of Pals work on the construction. Don’t worry, labor laws won’t be applied to Pals, feel free to work them into the ground.

Make your carefree life more comfortable by collecting a variety of valuable Pals to light fires, generate power, water your plants, thwart threats away from your camp, and mine minerals.

Different Pals are good at different things such as sowing crops, watering your vegetables, harvesting your yield, cleaning your camp and much more. Create attractive farms and orchards with your Pals. There are also Pals that can duplicate themselves when they’re planted. What do they turn into? Eat them after and find out!

Factory and Automation
Automation is essential for your factory production since your life must maintain a happy and carefree style. That’s when the Pals come to do the manual work for you. Build a factory and place Pals in it. They will work forever as long as they’re fed, until the end of their lifetime or beaten to a pulp by the factory boss. The meaner the factory boss, the quicker you get results or quicker your Pals reach their destiny?

Dungeon Exploration
With Pals, you’ll be safe in dangerous areas. If you are in danger, you use Pals to cover your escape! They’ll give their lives to protect you without even thinking twice.

Breeding and Heredity
When you breed Pals, they inherit the parents characteristics. Mix rare species of Pals to raise the strongest Pals to tackle the fiercest of foes you’ll find in Palworld!

Poaching and Crime
Endangered species of Pals live in the hunting prohibited area. If you sneak in and catch them, you’ll get tons of money! It’s only illegal if you get caught.

This game supports multiplayer. Invite your friends to go on an adventure together. Of course, you can battle and trade with other players!

This world is full of dangers such as food shortages, harsh weather, and illegal poachers. You must be prepared to do anything if you want to survive. You may even need to consume Pals sometimes…

Steam Product Information
Title: Palworld
Genre: Open-world Survival Crafting Monster Breeding
# of Players: 1 ~ 8 and more
Release Date: 2022
Price: TBD
Store Page:
Developer / Publisher: Pocketpair, Inc.