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MicroAd Commences Sales of Alternative Data for Institutional Investors via the Financial Data Platform of FactSet Research Systems

TOKYO, Japan – MicroAd, Inc. today announced it has commenced sales of alternative data for institutional investors. With the launch of this service, MicroAd has partnered with FactSet Research Systems Inc. (FactSet) to sell & market alternative data optimized for investment decision-making, which are based on proprietary analysis of our big data.

In recent years, the use of alternative data has grown as a resource for making investment decisions by institutional investors, with the global market size expanding to $1.7 billion by 2020. In addition, an increasing number of data providers are offering alternative data to institutional investors by collecting, analyzing, and processing various types of data.

*Alternative data refer to data other than corporate financial information and economic statistics that can be used to make investment decisions in various sectors, such as purchasing data and smartphone location data.

MicroAd delivers data products specific to a range of industries and businesses, which are based on our UNIVERSE data platform that aggregates a vast volume of consumer online and offline consumption behavior data. Since its launch in 2016, UNIVERSE has received a wide variety of data from approximately 210 partner companies and media outlets, in addition to its own audience data. It is a marketing data platform that comprehensively accumulates and analyzes various types of linked data through a proprietary data collection platform.

FactSet is a U.S.-based company that operates a financial data and software platform. It creates flexible, open data and software solutions for over 170,000 of investment professionals around the world, providing financial data and analytics that investors use to make crucial decisions.

MicroAd data products are now available to procure via the Open:FactSet Marketplace. The alternative data optimized for investment decision-making are based on proprietary analysis of our big data. By purchasing MicroAd’s alternative data through FactSet, institutional investors can use the data as a resource for investment decisions when forecasting stock prices and product trends.

MicroAd provides alternative data covering three industry sectors: “Automotive” (e.g., carmakers); “Houses” (e.g., house builders); and “Outings” (e.g., outdoor recreation facilities). An index listing brands for each industry is also provided as a data set. These data are updated monthly based on analysis of forecast indices compared with the previous month.

MicroAd will continue to enhance its proprietary big data platform, carry out analyses of a wide variety of data, and expand alternative data offerings optimized for investment decision-making to 10 target industry sectors.

■About purchasing alternative data

If you are an institutional investor wishing to use MicroAd’s alternative data, please contact FactSet.


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Company name        MicroAd, Inc.

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