Nostalgic Pixel Art Attracts Worldwide Attention, New Adventure Title “Tokyo Stories” to Be Exhibited at the 2023 Taipei Game Show

Drecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yuki Naito) announces that “Tokyo Stories,” scheduled for release on PC and consoles, will be exhibited at the 2023 Taipei Game Show, to be held from February 2 to 5, 2023.

Tokyo Stories original postcards will be distributed exclusively to visitors.

About Tokyo Stories

This is a 3D adventure game featuring “a visual expression that combines pixel art and 3D” with the slogan “The story of a girl continues on in the city where she went missing.”

The main character wanders around in a disappearing Tokyo to search for her best friend who has somehow disappeared.

The game is created by the renowned creators of “rain/Lost in the rain (PS3 / Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.)”, which has won multiple awards including IGN’s “BEST PLAYSTATION3 GAME”. The music is produced by the up-and-coming composer “newly” and expresses an unprecedented view of the world.

1st Promotional Video

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The Story

A series of overlapping stories set in the “empty Tokyo”.

Why has the best friend disappeared from the protagonist’s life?

What is this city trying to tell us?

The story they weave slowly begins to bare its fangs at them,

and soon everything takes an unexpected turn…

The Characters

•A girl

A girl who has come to this town to bring back a friend who has suddenly disappeared.

She wanders around the town feeling uneasy.

•A young man

A young man comes to this town to hide a secret he can’t tell anyone.

A girl’s friend seems to have found out his secret.

•The Other Girl

The girl who disappeared in this town without telling anyone her purpose.

Where to find the latest information

Information about this title is posted on our official website and social media, in Japanese and English. Please bookmark or follow us for the latest information.

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About our booth at the 2023 Taipei Game Show

We will be exhibiting the first playable demo outside of Japan at the Taipei Game Show, and we look forward to seeing you at the booth.We will also be giving away original Tokyo Stories postcards exclusively to visitors at our booth. Please come and visit us. More details will be posted on social media.

Exhibition Information

• Booth Details

– Playable demo for the first time outside of Japan

– Tokyo Stories original postcards (distributed exclusively at the venue.)

– Introduction of games by creators, etc.

• Booth number: N527



Yuki Ikeda

• rain/Director (PS3 / Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.)

• Patchwork Heroes/Director (PSP / Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.)

Art Director

Seiichi Terashima

• rain/ Art Director (PS3 / Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.)

• Patchwork Heroes/ Art Director (PSP / Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.)

Sound Composers

newly (Broth Works)

Product Overview

Title:  Tokyo Stories -working title

Release Date:  2023 (Details undecided)

Price: Undecided

Language: Undecided

Platform:  PC/Console (Details undecided)

Genre: Adventure

Rating: To be Rated

Publishing/Development: Drecom Co., Ltd.

Copyright Notice: ©️ Drecom Co., Ltd.