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Japan Blockchain Week’s main conference “Non Fungible Tokyo” and other official events are scheduled.

Tokyo, Japan, 17th January, 2023 – Today we announce “Non Fungible Tokyo” will be held on Thursday, June 22, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan.

Japan Blockchain Week 2023 will start with Web3 Summit Tokyo on June 12, 2023, followed by IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO (hosted by IVS Kyoto executive committee), and others.

Each organizer will invite guests from Japan and abroad.

Japan Blockchain Week 2023 will be a large-scale Blockchain Week following 2022.

Background and Objectives

Japan Blockchain Week will be held mainly by Non Fungible Tokyo, which has been held since 2018, to promote blockchain and Web3 with a main focus on NFT (Non Fungible Token) and to Fungible Token) and to develop a healthy crypto industry.

Although market conditions remain difficult due to the collapse of one of the world’s largest crypto exchange in November 2022, we hope to boost the blockchain and Web3 markets, which are expected to expand further in the future.

In order to further develop the NFT, crypto assets, blockchain, and Web3 related technologies covering the entire blockchain industry, we plan to invite guests from Japan and abroad to share their know-how and actively discuss the market.

Japan Blockchain Week 2023 Official Event Outline (tentative) 

Dates: Monday, June 12, 2023 – early July, 2023

Location: Please refer to the respective conference sites for venues.

  • Web3 Summit Tokyo (tentative): June 12 – 13
  • Japan Blokchain Presents Non Fungible Tokyo (NFTokyo): June 22

  • IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO: June 28-30, 2022

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