COLDRAW Nominated as a Finalist for 2023 SXSW Innovation Awards

The technology opening up new possibilities for the sober curious recognized in the Design category

Monday, Feb. 27, 2023 -COLDRAW, a new technology for non-alcoholic drinks that extracts the true flavor and color of plant-derived botanicals such as tea leaves, herbs, and coffee beans in 10 minutes, has been nominated as a finalist in the 25th Innovation Award, Design category at SXSW 2023. This award is given to forward-thinking projects spanning the many facets of product, interface, and experience design. The winners will be announced during the awards ceremony on March 13. The actual technology will be available on March 11 at Griffin Hall in the JW Marriott Austin and March 12-15 at the Creative Industries Expo, Booth #1810 in the Austin Convention Center.

COLDRAW is a botanical brewing technology originated by Sober Experience Studio*. With the global sober curious movement, the demand for non-alcoholic beverages is expected to rise. However, in many cases, non-alcoholic beverages are mass-produced products found in cans and PET bottles containing sugar and additives. Sober Experience Studio developed the extraction technology COLDRAW as a solution to contribute to the improvement of the global environment and people’s health.

Shintaro Nishikawa, a director of Sober Experience Studio says “COLDRAW brings out the natural flavors of plants, allowing you to enjoy a delicious non-alcoholic beverage experience without sugar. By avoiding bottled products and focusing on freshly extracted drinks that suit specific needs and occasions, we can help reduce plastic and other waste. We are confident that the development of COLDRAW will contribute to the sustainability of the global environment.”

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*About Sober Experience Studio 

The Sober Experience Studio is a Japanese open innovation project aiming to create a new food culture along with non-alcoholic drinks. Key collaborators are sPods INCREDD incMAVO∞ and JAPAN TOBACCO INC.