Street Fighter 6 Out Now.(2 June)

Street Fighter 6 out now on the PS5、PS4、Xbox Series X|S and Steam! A new era for fighting games begins here. 

TOKYO, June 2, 2023 — The newest entry to the Street Fighter series releases today! Combining the traditional combat mode “Fighting Ground”, the new single player focused “World Tour”, and online focused “Battle Hub”, this game has a total of three exciting game modes that has something for everyone, no matter if you are a casual or seasoned player. Before diving in, don’t miss the special launch trailer featuring artist Lil Wayne.

World Tour

Create your own custom avatar and experience the vast world of Street Fighter in this single player story mode with immersive RPG elements. Meet and learn from legendary fighters, form bonds with them, and master their moves to create your own unique fighting style. Make your own story!

Battle Hub

Use your avatar that you create in World Tour to meet and communicate with other players from all over the world! You can battle against other players on Battle Cabinets, head over to the Game Center to relive some classic Capcom titles, or even form your own fighting crew. The possibilities are endless!

Fighting Ground

This classic mode is back with a new combat system, and a plethora of newly added features like the novice friendly Modern Control Type that lets you perform special attacks with a single button, and Extreme Battle mode, which lets you play casual matches that include unique rules and gimmicks.

Character Intro Videos

Check out Capcom’s official channels for character intro videos and character guides for all 18 fighters debuting at launch!

Official YouTube Channel: 

Play the Demo

The free downloadable demo lets you play as Ryu and Luke in Fighting Ground, test out new control types, and try out the entire beginning section of World Tour. Your customized avatar in the demo can be used in the full version of the game on the same platform.

• Product:Street Fighter 6

• Release Date:Out Now (2 June 2023)

• Platforms:PlayStation®5、PlayStation®4、Xbox Series X|S、PC(Steam)

• Genre:Fighting

•  Official Website: