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Startale Labs and Sony Network Communications Form Capital Alliance to Build Global Web3 Infrastructure

Startale Labs Pte. Ltd. has successfully secured $3.5 million (approximately 500 million JPY) in seed funding from Sony Network Communications Inc. through a private placement of new shares. As part of their partnership, both companies are appointing Jun Watanabe, President and Representative Director of Sony Network Communications Inc., as a director of Startale Labs. 

Startale Labs is a tech company dedicated to Web3 infrastructure development, driven by the mission to build “Web3 for Billions.” Leveraging its expertise and connections gained as a core contributor to Astar Network, Startale Labs is creating tools and infrastructure to facilitate enterprise use of Web3 and broader adoption.

In partnership, Startale Labs and Sony Network Communications will work on establishing the infrastructure necessary to support the global adoption of Web3, aided by Sony Network Communications’ extensive knowledge and experience building successful solution services in telecommunications and other sectors.

Sota Watanabe, CEO of Startale Labs, commented, “We are honored to enter into this partnership with Sony Network Communications, a company of the Sony Group that is renowned for its achievements across industries including Games & Network Services, Music, Pictures, Entertainment Technologies & Services, Imaging & Sensing Solutions and Financial Services. Sony Group has tremendous potential in the Web3 space, and we can’t wait to collaborate on tapping into that. We look forward to collaborating with Sony Network Communications to develop global Web3 infrastructure and creating groundbreaking Web3 use cases.”

Jun Watanabe, President and Representative Director of Sony Network Communications Inc., added, “I am excited to further strengthen our collaboration with Startale Labs, a company with advanced Web3 technologies and expertise. We have already been cooperating with Startale Labs by jointly hosting incubation programs, aiming to promote the development of Web3. With this capital partnership, we are merging Startale Labs’ knowledge and technical capabilities in Web3 with the experience and business fields cultivated by Sony Network Communications to create the infrastructure necessary to facilitate global Web3 adoption. We believe this partnership will contribute to the creation of new killer Web3 use cases and deliver unprecedented levels of value.”

About Startale Labs

Startale Labs is a leading technology company headquartered in Singapore. With a focus on Web3 infrastructure, the company aims to build innovative products to enable the widespread adoption of Web3 technologies.

Company Name: Startale Labs Pte Ltd

Address: 105 Cecil Street #24-02 The Octagon, Singapore

Representative: CEO Sota Watanabe

Corporate Website:

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About Sony Network Communications Inc.

Sony Network Communications Inc, a Sony Group company, was established in 1995 as an Internet service provider. In addition to its telecommunications business, including the high-speed fiber- optic broadband service “NURO Hikari”, the Company is engaged in businesses such as IoT, AI, and solution services. Based on its corporate vision “INFRASTRUCTURE of CHANGE – For all humanity,” Sony Network Communications also promotes diverse incubation and new businesses, including the Web3 area.