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Maneki Neko Artwork meets Cutting-Edge Technology: Beckoning Cat Motif Kickstarter Project Now Open for Support

Teshigoto Club, a Tokyo-based company known for its innovative approach to promoting Japanese culture, is excited to announce the launch of the Maneki Neko Project. This project, which began in the mid-2020s, aims to showcase the beauty of Japanese culture to a global audience through the creation of Urushi lacquered Maneki Neko, the traditional beckoning cat symbolizing luck and fortune.

With a deep appreciation for the art of lacquer and its aesthetic allure, the Maneki Neko Project endeavors to ignite interest in this traditional craft among individuals from various backgrounds. By blending cutting-edge technologies such as AI, 3D printers, and scanners with the finesse of advanced craftsmanship, we have created stunning Maneki Neko artwork that captures the essence of Japanese culture.

During the meticulous creation process, each figurine is crafted with heartfelt prayers for the well-being and success of people around the world. Believed to bring luck and prosperity, the Maneki neko serves as a beacon of hope, symbolizing joy and happiness for all who encounter it.

“This project is a remarkable fusion of Japanese culture and artistic expression,” said Yohei Utagawa, CEO of Shakai Design Co., Ltd. “Through the Maneki Neko, we aim to not only illustrate the richness of Japanese traditions but also spread positive energy and happiness worldwide.”

The Maneki Neko Project invites individuals to join in this cultural journey by supporting our Kickstarter campaign, which officially launches on July 17, 2023. Backers will have the opportunity to own their very own limited edition Urushi lacquered Maneki Neko, each handcrafted to perfection.

For further information and to support the project, please visit our Kickstarter page at Kickstarter.

About Shakai Design Co., Ltd.

Teshigoto Club is operated by Shakai Design Co., Ltd. which is Tokyo-based company dedicated to promoting Japanese culture through innovative design and artistic expression. With a passion for traditional craftsmanship and a commitment to leveraging modern technologies, Shakai Design strives to create unique and meaningful experiences that inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Youhei Utagawa CEO President
Shakai Design Co., Ltd.