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NOH+DENMARK2023: Experience the Beauty of Japan through Noh, a Traditional Japanese Performing Art

Japanese Culture Lecture and Noh Concert at the ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art on Saturday, September 30th

NOH+DENMARK is a group led by Isa Takeda, a Noh shite actor of the Hosho school affiliated with the General Incorporated Association Hoshokai. As part of its project to promote Noh and Japanese culture in Denmark, the group will hold lectures on Japanese culture and a Noh concert on Saturday, September 30th, 2023, at the ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art.

Since 2017, NOH+DENMARK has been actively engaged in Noh performances, experiential workshops, and online lectures primarily in Copenhagen, Denmark. This year, the group will host the seventh event at the ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art, with a theme centered around the “beauty” of traditional Japanese performing arts. During the event, the Japanese culture lecture will showcase demonstrations of the traditional tea ceremony, introduce Noh costumes, and offer an experience of traditional Japanese incense. Participants will be able to experience the beauty of traditional Japanese culture through various aspects, including tools and costumes. At the Noh concert, a total of seven Noh performers will present a special Noh dance created specifically for the Denmark audience. The performance will focus on the individual charm of each instrument, as well as the beauty of the dances and chants, aiming to create a stage that actively involves the audience in the art-making process and offer a unique experience beyond the typical Noh performance.

Event Summary

Name: NOH+DENMARK2023 “Japanese Culture Lecture” and “Noh Concert”

Organizer: NOH+DENMARK

Funded by: Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation

Date/Time: Japanese Culture Lecture: September 30, 2023 (Saturday) 11:30-12:30

        Noh Concert: September 30, 2023 (Saturday), 14:00-14:45

Location: the ARKEN Museum of Contemporary Art

Isa Takeda / Noh Shite Performer of the Hosho School
Hajime Tazaki / Noh Shite Performer of the Hosho School
Shuga Fujii / Noh Shite Performer of the Hosho School
Shuntaro Kumamoto / Flutist of the Morita School
Yoshiaki Iitomi / Small Hand Drummer of the Okura School
Keinosuke Okura / Hip Drummer of the Okura School
Kiyoshi Yoshitani / Stick Drummer of the Konparu School
Hiroko Katsu / Japanese Culture Lecturer, Tea Ceremony Instructor
Yukako Iida / Japanese Culture Lecturer, Event Producer

Price: Japanese Culture Lecture 70DKK / Noh Concert 140DKK

            Museum admission fee is required. Tickets: