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Atelier Seiran Selected for Prestigious Maison d’Exceptions at One of the World’s Leading Fashion Fairs

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Exhibiting creations after passing strict Première Vision Paris screening process

Supported by MetaMoJi (Minato Ward, Tokyo: President Kazunori Ukigawa), Atelier Seiran (Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture: Representative Hatsuko Ukigawa) is honored to participate for the first time in the “Première Vision Paris February 2024 Exhibition”, to be held at the Paris Nord Villepinte convention center from February 6 (Tuesday) ~ February 8 (Thursday), 2024, as well as for being selected for the “Maison d’Exceptions” award for innovative and high-quality craftwork.

This selection represents an opportunity to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of traditional Japanese craftsmanship on the international stage and to bring Atelier Seiran’s indigo-dyed products to the attention of fashion industry professionals and buyers around the world. This exhibition also represents a step in a new direction for the fusion of traditional Japanese culture and contemporary design.

Hatsuko Ukigawa, the representative of Atelier Seiran, said, “Our selection for the Maison d’Exceptions is proof that our techniques and our passion for tradition has gained international recognition.”

About “Première Vision”

A trade fair launched in 1973, Première Vision has established itself as the most important international fabric trade fair, and major textile manufacturers from all over the world exhibit at Première Vision. The trends that emerge from this trade fair impact the entire textile industry, and attract much attention as a result.

About “Maison d’Exceptions”

Atelier Seiran will be exhibiting at Maison d’Exceptions, a special area first established in 2011, where only manufacturers that have passed a rigorous screening process based on criteria such as “exceptional materials” and “materials that make the most of tradition and craftsmanship” are permitted to exhibit. For the 2024 Maison d’Exceptions,of the 20 companies selected from around the world, 5 companies, including Atelier Seiran, are Japanese companies.

About Atelier Seiran

Atelier Seiran was founded in 1971 by Yoko Hashimoto in the garden of her home in Tokushima. In 1972, she chaired the Seiran association and became the first Tokushima craftswoman to own an indigo vat. Over the next 50 years, she developed her own techniques.

Today, Atelier Seiran is present in Tokushima, Tateshina, Tokyo and Miyakojima, where her indigo and wax dyeing techniques are passed on by her two daughters and students.