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TOPPAN’s Metaverse Event VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN: A Revamped Platform Specialized for Cool Japan

Aiming to form international communities of Japanese culture fans and linking up with Cool Japan events around the world

VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN, developed by TOPPAN Inc., has been revamped to offer an enriched metaverse experience. VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN invites users to immerse themselves in the allure of Japanese culture and pop culture within a virtual realm. The platform offers a wide variety of Cool Japan experiences – from strolling through castle towns, participating in cosplay contests, and enjoying live anime music events. Accessible to everyone, the platform can be easily reached from a PC or smartphone, allowing you to enjoy Japanese culture in a new way. Within the Community World, where many gather, you can also look forward to making new connections and interacting with others. We invite you to fully embrace the charm of Japanese culture at this distinctive event!

Main content and features of VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN

Castle Town World

The Castle Town World, which received much acclaim previously, now includes a newly added shop tie-up booth. Planned to start in mid-February, cross-border e-commerce will be available through KanaProMarket managed by TOPPAN. This will allow fans of Japan globally to effortlessly purchase their favorite goods found within the metaverse, including characters and live performance merchandise.

Cosplay Contest World

In VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN, to deepen the integration of real and virtual experiences, a new feature has been implemented that synchronizes real-life actions with the metaverse space. Photographs taken at the cosplay event associated with VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN will be exhibited within this world. In addition, the platform will enable users to vote for their favorite costumes, offering a more immersive participatory experience.

Manga World

Through the chat messaging function using three-dimensional text developed by TOPPAN, users can exchange comments in real time. In a tie-up with the popular Japanese manga Fist of the Northern Star, a unique world will be created in the metaverse space. Through the manga-inspired setting, users can enjoy an experience as if they have stepped into the world of the manga itself.

Music World

In Music World, users can share the experience of watching visuals of live music performances together in the metaverse. Content available includes a segment of VIRTUAL Utaden 2024, TOPPAN’s online live stream music event to be held on February 18, as well as an experience of Japanese musical anime. 

Community World 

In community rooms, users can initiate threads based on specific topics or interests. These rooms facilitate real-time conversations and exchange of opinions among users. With this feature, people with common interests can gather, fostering more vibrant and engaging communication. 


The platform can be easily accessed via a web browser on a PC or smartphone. This allows users to participate effortlessly and enjoy the metaverse experience from anywhere.

Coinciding with the launch of the platform, TOPPAN Inc.’s VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN will collaborate with the ICHIBAN JAPAN pavilion at the Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival, one of Asia’s biggest anime and manga events held in Taiwan. Through this collaboration, cosplay photos taken at the event booth will be displayed in the Cosplay Contest World of VIRTUAL REMIX JAPAN, and a cosplay contest allowing users to vote for their favorite costumes is also planned.


 Launch of revamped version: February 1, 2024

Official website:

About VIRTUAL Utaden 2024 (anime song relay)

 Date and time: Starts at 18:00 on February 18, 2024. 

        (Archive footage available for streaming until 23:59 on March 3)

 Streaming platform: Z-aN

 Organizer: TOPPAN Inc.

 See official website for ticket information:

About the 12th Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival and the ICHIBAN JAPAN pavilion

 Dates: February 1 to 5, 2024

 Venue: Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan

 Organizer: Chinese Animation & Comic Publishers Association

 Operator of ICHIBAN JAPAN pavilion: Taiwan Tohan

 Admission fee required

 Event website:

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