Mobile Puzzle Adventure Game “Sin of OZ” Officially Launches.

viviON, inc. (Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan /Representative Manager: Kousaku Akashi) officially released their new Wizard of Oz-inspired mobile puzzle adventure game, “Sin of OZ”, which is available to the first 100,000 users who download it via the App Store or Google Play.

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“Sin of OZ” is a simple-to-play mobile puzzle game with a dark fairytale-like story. Set in a world inspired by The Wizard of Oz, players take on the role of the Wonderful Wizard himself, who travels with his plush toy and doll friends through a land made dull and colorless by the witches’ power. Many adventures await along the way, and the story advances as you progress through the puzzles. New stages and stories will be added over time. –Dive into this world and try to solve its mysteries!


A new take on The Wizard of Oz is about to begin, weaving together storytelling and puzzles, and brought to life through colorful characters.

Your name is Oz, and you are a con artist. Once, you were known as a great wizard.

Believing your words, a young girl called Dorothy went off to face the wicked witch with her friends, and was defeated.

After that, all creatures were transformed into plush toys, and color and hope were drained from the world.

Now it is time for your journey across this changed land.

Travel with the plush toys.

Many problems and obstacles will no doubt stand in your way.

If you manage to overcome them all, perhaps you will have the power to complete the task you once gave Dorothy. To save the world.

Make use of a variety of Magic Items and Mana Gifts to complete levels!

Plush toys and dolls will join you on your journey.

The cowardly lion, Lily Leone.

The smart but ditzy Keshika.

The terminally sad tin woodcutter, Kiko.

The dog who makes up for in bravery what she lacks in size, Toeto.

The pumpkin-loving trickster, Jacqueline.

The lonely bat, Merrijam.

These and more await you in-game.

By deepening your bonds during your travels, the plush toys will change into dolls, and you can start to hear their stories.

Via “Trips”, you can send dolls off to various places across the land.

They may return with photos of their travels, and with items that will help you in-game.

The photos will be collected in your Album, so you might like to check them out when you need a rest from your adventure.

You can compete with other players through Ranking events and get “Sheep Gifts” by completing levels consecutively. You can also get rewards by meeting certain targets in puzzle levels through Leone’s Spider Eradication”. There are all sorts of in-game events to look forward to!

*All in-game screens may differ from actual screens.

Letter from the Producer: KJ HISADA of viviON, inc.

Allow me to extend my greetings for the first time.

My name is KJ HISADA, a producer at viviON, inc.

In April 2024, we released viviON’s first puzzle game, Sin of OZ. Inspired by the widely popular American children’s novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, we have created a new version of this world here in Japan, and I feel blessed to be able to share it with people across the globe.

Sin of OZ only just launched its global version this spring.

For this game, we are not only focusing on developing it as a puzzle game but also considering expanding into other products, including Japan’s celebrated manga and anime genres, to carefully nurture it as an IP and share it with our fans.

Although our development team is based in Japan, we value every opinion and piece of feedback we receive. To provide a better experience and more enjoyable storytelling, we welcome your candid opinions. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are grateful to our users, our creative director, Juno Okawa, who crafted the world, and all staff involved in the development.

The visuals, scenarios, worldview, music, UI, and the puzzles themselves are all imbued with our dedication and love.

The story of Sin of OZ is a new perspective and a new spin on the amazing world of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. We sincerely hope that you will come to love it as much as we loved making it.

Please, turn the page…

…and enjoy.

viviON, inc.

Producer KJ HISADA

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 Title: Sin of OZ

Genre: Puzzle Adventure

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*We will provide information on how to respond after the total number of downloads at each store reaches 100,000 DL through the official website and official social media accounts.

Price: Free-to-play (Includes in-app purchases)

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Original Distribution: viviON, inc.

Copyright: © 2021 viviON, inc.

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