Peko has become a puzzle game and shows up on your smartphone! ‘PEKO POP: Match 3 Puzzle’ launched worldwide today

・From today, December 21, 2020 (Mon), ‘PEKO POP: Match 3 Puzzle’ officially launched!
・To celebrating the official launch, we are giving away luxurious items!

HIVE Co., Ltd. is announcing that the Peko puzzle game ‘PEKO POP: Match 3 Puzzle’ has been officially launched worldwide today.

‘PEKO POP : Match 3 Puzzle’ is a three-match puzzle game that utilizes the IP (Intellectual Property Rights) of ‘Peko’, which is the mascot of the famous confectionery brand ‘Milky Candy’ and has established itself as a national character in Japan. The concept of the game is to produce ‘Peko Candy’ along with ‘Peko’ with lovely charm, featuring familiar gameplay, cute graphics, and easy and simple control that are unique to the genre.

The game is played by connecting three or more colorful fruit-shaped blocks and cute dessert blocks within a limited number of times to clear the stage. There are more than 1,200 kinds of stages, consisting of various missions and obstacles, and special candy items that pop multiple blocks at the same time maximized the pleasure of breaking down.

Also, as collecting ‘Puzzle Piece’ acquired through play completes the ‘Peko Puzzle Image,’ and displays player’s shelves added to the fun of collecting.

To celebrating the official launch around the world, all the game players will receive luxurious items that will give them an advantage when they play the game.

The items can be received in the mailbox in the game after installing ‘PEKO POP: Match 3 Puzzle’ from the app store.

The mobile puzzle game ‘PEKO POP: Match 3 Puzzle’ with the cute and cute girl ‘Peko’ is available for download by anyone through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and more details about the game can be found on the official website.

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Title : PEKO POP: Match 3 Puzzle
Genre : Puzzle Game
Service Start Date : December 21, 2020
Price : Free (charge some items)
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