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Exclusive Online Ninja Experience with a Ninjutsu Sensei from Odawara, Japan.

ODAWARA- Odawara, Japan was once the home of the famed Fuma Ninja clan and will be hosting online ninja training courses hosted by a famed ninjutsu practitioner, Hiroshi Jinkawa. This is an online live-streamed journey to share the history, culture, and knowledge of the ninja. This experience for groups will be in both English and Japanese, in an effort to share the secrets of the Ninja with the world.

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Guests will be given insight and background on the role of the ninja in Japanese history, shown historical artifacts, and practice Ninjutsu, the art of the ninja during this program. There will be a particular focus on the Fuma Ninja of Odawara. The experience will be hosted by one of Japan’s preeminent experts of Ninja at the Ninja Hall on the grounds of Odawara Castle in Japan. The program will be about 40 minutes and will start with a bit of historical context about the ninja. The core of the program will be time to learn and use practical techniques used by ninja such as breathing, concentration, and mindset. 

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Hiroshi Jinkawa is a preeminent scholar and practitioner of the ninja arts in Japan. Based in the mountains just outside of Tokyo, Jinkawa sensei has hosted people for ninja experiences for many years, and been an ambassador for the world of the ninja to children and mass media in Japan. Recently he has participated in many activities to allow more people to experience and learn about the Fuma Ninja of Odawara.


During the warring states period of Japanese history (1467-1615), various regional lords were in a constant state of war for preservation or expansion. This time is famous as the age of the samurai, but it was also the time of the ninja. There were several famous ninja clans serving different feudal lords in Japan, the Fuma Ninja were one of the most famous. The Fuma Ninja served the Hojo Clan, a powerful family that ruled over a large part of central Japan (including the present Tokyo area) from their castle in Odawara. Speaking of ninja, people may imagine jumping, throwing ninja stars, or fighting, but the reality is quite different. The ninja performed many covert activities that you will also learn during the experience. 


Odawara is a city full of tradition and culture located just south of Tokyo. The beautiful city sits on the coast between the Pacific Ocean and mountains of Hakone which also gives it delicious food to enjoy. This once was an influential center of power for the Hojo clan and became an important commercial stop between Kyoto and Tokyo in the later years. There are still many businesses and festivals in the city that can trace their roots back to the time of the ninja and samurai. The compact city is easily explored by foot and enjoyed by visitors throughout the year.

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