Elemental Knights R – Dark Arthur Premium Pack for PlayStation®4, Now available on the PlayStation Store -Deluxe Campaign is also available

Winlight Co., Ltd. is announcing a download-only distribution of “Elemental Knights Online R – Dark Arthur Premium Pack” for PlayStation®4. It will be available on the PlayStation Store.

The “Elemental Knights Online R – Dark Arthur Premium Pack” for PlayStation®4 is not a cross-platform release and is not available for both the smartphone and Switch versions. This version is a new world, so data from previous versions cannot be transferred over. As the first step to welcome new players in this version, a “Start Dash Adventurer Ranking Campaign” limited to the PS4 version will be available, which is a great opportunity to get started with Elemental Knights R.

The world of Elemental Knights R in 4K and enhanced audio quality

“Elemental Knights Online R – Dark Arthur Premium Pack” for PlayStation®4 is compatible with 4K with improved graphics.
The sound quality has also been greatly enhanced, creating a dramatically improved sense of presence and immersion on the field and allowing player to fully experience the new world of Elemental Knights R.

Exclusive PS4 Purchase Bonus of  10 Stylish Gear
“Elemental Knights Online R – Dark Arthur Premium Pack” purchase bonus of ★ 10 exclusive stylish gear items and 3000 JPY worth of premium gacha ticket.

[Purchase Bonus]
Dark Arthur Series Stylish Gear Set
10 Premium Gacha Tickets

[How to Receive Purchase Benefits]
1. Start game
2. On the character selection screen, click on the “receive purchase benefits” banner
3. On the bonus receiving page, click the “Receive purchase benefits” button

PS4 exclusive “Start Dash Adventurer Ranking Campaign” begins!
Exclusive to the world of “Elemental Knights R – Dark Arthur Premium Pack”, deluxe rewards will be given to players who topped the “Adventurer Ranking” based on achievement level on the “Monster & Item Picture Book”! 

[Promotion Period]
Until 13:59 (JST) on Thursday, February 25, 2021

<1st to 10th>
Title: 1st. DARK. Item: Premium Gacha Tickets x 30

<11th to 100th>
Title: 2nd. DARK. Item: Premium Gacha Tickets x 20

<101st to 500th>
Title: 3rd. DARK. Item: Premium Gacha Tickets x 10

Ranking Announcements
・ The 1st to 10th place rankings will be revealed through in-game announcement.
・ The 11th to 500th place rankings will be announced when the gifts are shipped.

Product Overview
Game Title: Elemental Knights Online R
Official URL:
Official Twitter:
Genre: 3DMMORPG (massively multiplayer online RPG)
Supported platforms: Appstore (iOS) / Google Play (Android) / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation® 4
* PlayStation® 4 version does not support cross-platform
Cost: Free to play + item charges
* Nintendo Switch/ PlayStation® 4 version is a paid app

Store URLs:
App Store:
Google Play:
Nintendo Switch:
PlayStation® 4 (PlayStation Store / US):
PlayStation® 4 (PlayStation Store / Europe):

Operating Company
Winlight Co., Ltd.

Elemental Knights Online Official Website


Media Contact:
WINLIGHT PR, Yamashita