One of the biggest anime events in the world!

AnimeJapan 2021 online!

AJ Stages, AJ Studio 45 programs streaming overseas!

Online Tickets on sale from March 1 (Mon) 13:00 JST!

AnimeJapan Organization announced that AnimeJapan 2021, one of the world’s biggest anime events will be held online, from March 27 (Sat) to March 28 (Sun), 2021.

Having the artist Takanori Nishikawa nominated as it’s official ambassador, this year’s AnimeJapan is planned to be an event to be enjoyed all day, directly from your home, with 45 programs streaming from AJ Stages & AJ Studio, additional streams from the exhibitor booths and other online contents.

AnimeJapan 2021 will stream in seven countries and regions: US, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, and for the first time will be available not only in Japan but also overseas.

Online tickets will be available on AnimeJapan’s official website from 13:00 JST, March 1 (Mon), 2021. Be sure to check out the latest and most popular anime in Japan.

* Some content may not be available in your area. * We do not ship goods overseas.

AnimeJapan 2021 Online Points

1.  45 programs streaming the latest anime information live from AJ Stages/AJ Studio!

2. On demand streaming available! View all the stages regardless of your schedule!

3. Special English channel introducing programs from AJ Stages live!

* AJ Stage/AJ Studio programs will be streamed in Japanese. Thank you for your understanding.AJ Stage / AJ Studio Streaming Schedule

※ All streamed programs are charged *The following schedule is displayed in JST

[Saturday, March 27] * On-demand streaming: 3/27 (Sat) 20:00-3/28 (Sun) 23:59 JST

[Saturday, March 28] * On-demand streaming: 3/28 (Sun) 18:00-3/29 (Mon) 23:59 JST

AnimeJapan 2021 English Channel

Supported by AFA (Anime Festival Asia)

With the cooperation of Anime Festival Asia (AFA), southeast Asia’s largest J-POP cultural event, we are preparing a special channel for overseas anime fans, that will be commenting and introducing programs streamed on the AJ Stage live in English.

* The commentary will be delivered live while switching through different programs streamed on the AJ Stages.

Main MC


Born in Singapore. He serves as MC for anime and game-related events mainly in Southeast Asia.

He has been in charge of the AFA’s main stage MC since 2017.


Born in Singapore. Actress. Currently active as a game streamer.

Outside of work, she also enjoys cosplay as a hobby.

 Several other guests will be present on the channel as well!

Online Tickets

 Tickets on sale from March 1st (Mon), starting at 13:00 JST!!

Online Tickets                                                                                              

 March 27 [Sat] Ticket 3,200 JPY

Streaming from March 27 [Sat] 9:00 JST to March 28 [Sun] 23:59pm JST

 March 28 [Sun] Ticket 3,200 JPY

Streaming from March 28 [Sun] 9:00 JST to March 29 [Mon] 23:59pm JST

 2 Days Ticket 6,100 JPY

Streaming from March 27 [Sat] 9:00 JST to March 29 [Mon] 23:59pm JST

Event Name       AnimeJapan 2021

Venue                Online

Date:                 Public Day: March 27 (Sat), March 28 (Sun), 2021

Business Day: March 29 (Mon), March 30 (Tue), 2021

Contents              Public: AJ Stages, AJ Studio streams, etc.

Business: Online exhibitor booths / Business meetings / Seminars, etc.

Online Tickets   March 27 [Sat] Ticket 3,200 JPY

March 28 [Sun] Ticket 3,200 JPY

2 Days Ticket 6,100 JPY    

※Business registration 11,000 JPY

Official website 

SNS    Twitter @aj_overseas


Organized by         AnimeJapan Organization     

Sponsored by           Fate/Grand Order / TOHO Animation / SANKYO / Stagecrowd / d Anime Store

Supported by         Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Japan Video Association / Comic Publishers Association

Secretariat           AnimeJapan Administration Office [Sony Music Solutions Co., Ltd.]

To the press

Notes on the streaming (not for public release)

Because of the mechanism and limitations of the streaming system, AnimeJapan’s streaming service is available only in the following seven countries and regions: United States, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau) (7 countries and regions)

*Other countries and regions are not eligible for the service.

Please read the following precautions before release.

Please do not translate this press release into languages other than the official languages of the above “7 countries and regions” eligible for streaming.  (Exception: Pages with automatic translation option)

When posting articles, please refrain from mentioning consumers outside of the “seven countries and regions” above. (Example: The anime popular in France streaming live!) etc.)

Please refrain from sharing this release with local advertisers local specializing in countries and regions outside of the seven provided above (e.g., “German anime information account”)

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