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aircord and The Shift reveal the hub system SHIFT LINK ー Connect the real and virtual experience/operation

A hub system that provides seamless connection of equipment and devices, and the people and services that use them. 

A joint venture by aircord and The Shift, the hub system SHIFT LINK has been revealed, which connects people having experiences through technology and design in both real and virtual environments. SHIFT LINK will be launched as a system that builds interfaces for the real and virtual spaces, and connects various equipment, devices, people and services.


SHIFT LINK’s website was awarded “Website of the Day” at the CSS Design Awards, the world’s leading web design and development awards. The website was recognized for its design and innovation.

SHIFT LINK, produced from aircord and The Shift’s corporate philosophies

With the aircord’s name deriving from a vision of “being a hub for various things like ‘air,’ and connecting various things with technology like a ‘cord’” aircord has been creating concepts and stories that connect real experiences with technology, since its establishment in 2006. The Shift, a creative collective of international creators and artists with various specialties, has been carrying out projects that “shift” ideas and concepts and go beyond the hedge of technology, design and creativity.

In the current era where the possibilities of technology are expanding due to dramatic advancements in innovation worldwide, the strengths of both companies have joined to create SHIFT LINK, with the aim to provide experiences and operation systems that seamlessly connect the real and the virtual.

3 Features of SHIFT LINK

There are 3 main features of SHIFT LINK.

01 Flexible support for various digital environments

Building flexible interfaces connecting the real and virtual worlds, by supporting various equipment, XR devices, and the metaverse.

02 Expanding design through generating digital data fit for the environment

More free-form designs for digital content utilizing digital signage and NFTs can be created through generative design systems.

03 Connecting various devices at the same time, with remote access world-wide

Systems will be built to allow to easy remote connections and updates to platforms, by developing with the latest web standard technology and game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine 5.


SHIFT LINK systems are built independent from specific hardware or platforms, enabling flexibility and stability in any environment. Additionally, platforms can be provided that suit different environments, such as the international web standards and game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine 5. Devices including but not limited to displays, touch panels, sensors and AR/MR/VR devices can also be flexibly supported.


Able to send and receive inputs from external devices and sensors via a proprietary interface over a network. Currently in use at various facilities. 

Example of using SHIFT LINK


The SHIFT LINK system is currently in use at the JAL SKY MUSEUM, Japan Airlines’ experiential museum which opened May, 2022 at the Haneda Airport Maintenance Center Building. Changes or updates to the display contents, and access to the facility management system can be made through a one-stop interface accessible through a web browser. 


A demonstration of an in-car experience using AR glasses. A new in-car experience is designed, with digital contents that can be adjusted and updated from anywhere. In the future, information from the outside environment could also be gained when used in combination with spatial recognition technology.

Future business plans

SHIFT LINK will shift toward the possibilities of the future, connecting people who experience both real and virtual environments through technology and design.

We plan to develop the following projects and research going forth. Please get in contact if interested.

Usage in exhibition facilities

– Content that reflects information from virtual space into real exhibition spaces.

– Remote maintenance and management of equipment to ensure optimum operation and exhibition quality.

Automated content creation using generative processes

– Generate complex and context-sensitive content by utilizing not only preprogrammed algorithms, but also various data from sensors, etc. as parameters.

– Create content with added value of proof of ownership, through NFT collections.

Multi-platform support that avoids obstructions in utilizing a single content base for multi-directional development and exhibiting

– From one common content base, optimal forms of expression can be created to suit various devices from AR to standard displays and smartphones.

Improving operational efficiency

– Systems that allow for remote monitoring and managing of facilities with equipment in remote areas, which could normally only be done onsite.

Contact info

aircord inc.

aircord is a creative studio that develops systems and provides technical direction and management for digital content such as applications and video. Actively involved in researching and prototyping new technology, as well as taking part in research and development with clients.

Location: 1-34-17 zaHOUSE 5F Ebisunishi Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0021, JAPAN

Established: June, 2006

Main business activity: Technical Producing/Direction, System Direction/Development, Video/3D Computer Graphics, UI/UX Design, Technical Management, Prototyping


The Shift inc.

The Shift is a creative collective based in Tokyo. With collaboration with creators internationally at the core, new perspectives and solutions are provided to users. 

Established: 2017 (Business start: 2020)

Main business activity: Producing, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Creative Management, Consulting