New journeys through the riches of Japan

The Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Japan National Tourism Organization are pleased to announce the addition of new content to the Luxury Travel pages of the Japan Heritage Project’s official English website. Visitors seeking a profound, edifying journey through the riches of this ancient nation now have access to even more information on attractions, services and accommodations that will provide a truly rewarding travel experience.

Savor the harmony between the fascinating cultural properties of Japan, developed over the many centuries of its history, and the vibrant natural beauty that surrounds them. The Luxury Travel pages will guide you to lodgings that fuse traditional atmosphere with modern luxury, local dishes prepared by culinary artists drawing on the bounty of nature, and fascinating activities distinctive to Japan. Stunning 4K footage of these many delights will take your breath away, especially when viewed on a large television or computer screen.

Japan Heritage is a joint endeavor by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the JNTO to introduce cultural properties across Japan, from those famous around the world to hidden gems known only to a few. The official website features in-depth reports on the historical background of these properties, striking virtual reality and video content, and a great deal more. Links are provided to download much of this content free of charge.

Explore the spiritual heritage of mountain temples and pilgrims

Dotted with shrines and lodgings for pilgrims, the Dewa Sanzan of Yamagata Prefecture – the Three Sacred Mountains of Dewa – are central to the faith of the yamabushi ascetics of northern Japan. This region offers a truly powerful travel experience, as you witness the harmony between its rich religious heritage and magnificent scenery.

Yamagata Prefecture is also renowned throughout the world for its culinary traditions, with the city of Tsuruoka designated as a UNESCO creative city of gastronomy. The natural bounty of the Dewa Sanzan is reflected in Yamagata’s sansai ryori – focused on dishes made from wild vegetables, its aim is to purify both the body and the mind.

Digital Content Available for Free Download and Us

A wide array of materials on Japan Heritage and other cultural assets throughout Japan – including photographs, video and explanatory texts – are available for download at (materials are available in both Japanese and English).

The virtual reality, ultra-high-definition 4K and 8K video and other digital content found here not only allow visitors to experience Japanese culture online, they can be freely shared by anyone. All downloadable material may be used in accordance with the site’s Terms of Use and the applicable Creative Commons license.

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