SyFu Announces Launch of Web3 Project Utilizing Payment Data with GameFi

The innovative wallet app unlocks the value of consumer payment data and rewards them with digital assets.

TOKYO, JAPAN, June 20, 2023 – The team behind several successful Web3 projects is about to shake things up with their innovative new product launch. SyFu is a Web3 wallet that turns your payment data into digital assets with GameFi. By leveraging GameFi and NFTs, SyFu empowers users to unlock the value of their payment data, ushering in a new era of possibilities in the digital economy. The waiting list for SyFu is now open at

The team behind SyFu developed and ran the token economy based Web3 restaurant review app “SynchroLife” for six years and sold it to the famous Japanese tech company livedoor Co., Ltd., in April 2023. With a team of seasoned experts, the new project SyFu has generated significant interest and investment. The team continues to develop Web3 products that connect with the real-world economy.

SyFu’s cutting-edge product allows users to connect their credit card payment data and level up their NFTs. By creating a symbiotic relationship between data and NFTs, SyFu is revolutionizing how individuals interact with their payment data and digital assets.

“Consumer spending is important to the economy, we saw that clearly during the 2020 pandemic when the global economy shrunk by 3.4% (*1)”, says SyFu founder and CEO Tomochika Kamiya. “With SyFu we want to help consumers have proof of their economic contributions and reward them for such.”

SyFu is a Web3 wallet app where consumers hold a “MANEKINEKO” NFT (*2) which grows from their daily cashless spending and rewards them with tokens (*3). Users can automatically pull their credit card and other cashless payment data into SyFu and use it there. The “MANEKINEKO” NFT becomes a symbol of each consumer’s economic contributions, and these digital assets are tradable. The NFT name “MANEKINEKO” comes from Japan’s traditional lucky cat charms which are believed to bring both good luck and money to their owners.

By using SyFu, the visualized record of your economic contribution becomes an NFT owned by you, serving as a new form of reputation in the Web3 era. SyFu’s user centric NFT solution democratizes access to value creation, fostering trust, transparency, and ownership in the digital space.

Join us in unlocking the power of payment data and be part of the future of Web3 with SyFu. 

Interested individuals can sign up for the SyFu waiting list to get first access to the service at

For media inquiries, please contact: Laura or Ibrahim at 

SyFu Official Links

Mobile App: Coming soon for iPhone and Android





Discord: The SyFu Discord community is currently invitation only. To be one of the first 100 to receive an invitation please sign up for the waiting list on the SyFu official website.

*1 “Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy – Statistics & Facts”. In Statista. Retrieved June 16, 2023, from

*2 The “MANEKINEKO” NFT Collection is coming soon.

*3 International Patent Application PCT/JP2022/023508

* “SyFu” is a trademark of GINKAN, Inc.