1BLOCK STUDIO’s “MetaSamurai” ranks No.1 on a massive global NFT marketplace

The NFT Collection “MetaSamurai” which is developed by 1BLOCK STUDIO, a Web3 creative studio with headquarters in LA and Tokyo, have accumulated the highest total transaction volume (*1) that exceeded 500 million JPY (*2) on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world.

*1: Temporary transaction volume under the massive NFT marketplace OpenSea’s collection category (Ethereum)

*2: Total transaction volume of all NFT collections developed and administrated by 1BLOCK STUDIO (includes minting and secondary sales)

“MetaSamurai” collection consists of 3,333 one of a kind 3D avatars. Until now this collection has collaborated with the high fashion brand “COACH”, the popular sneaker shop “atmos”, the fashion brand “BEAMS”, and even with the famous anime “Lupin the Third”. This year a collaborative collection with the anime “Ghost in the Shell” has been announced.

As a forerunner to “MetaSamurai” and 1BLOCK STUDIO’s key to their NFT project, 100 virtual sneakers called “AirSmokeZero” were distributed for free. Currently the floor price is at 6ETH, equivalent to 1.2 million JPY (*3). This project has collaborated with the manga “Hanma Baki”, the metal band “BABYMETAL”, the rapper “JP THE WAVY”, and a rising contemporary artist “backside works”. The collaboration portfolio expands widely from anime, art to the music industry.

A community of over 10,000 fans are supporting these NFT projects – on the day #MetaSamurai trended on Twitter and over 50,000 posts related to 1BLOCK STUDIO have been posted, proving that this project has gained world class engagement.

*3: Floor price of 1BLOCK STUDIO’s principal collections (as of 2023/1/26)

· MetaSamurai          1.34

· COACH                   N/A

· LUPIN THE III RD     1.78

· atmos x SPACE BRO 1.7

· Beams Cultuart        1.7

· The12 Zodiac          3.939

· ————————

·  AirSmokeZero         6

·   JP THE WAVY         N/A


·  Baki Hanma             N/A

·  atmos x SPACE BRO N/A

Applying their experiences in blockchain services, AR service (METADRIP) and metaverse development and consultation, 1SEC also provides “1BLOCK LAB” – a service for companies, IP holders and business developers considering to start Web3.0 businesses focusing on NFTs. The service entails planning the project, designing original NFTs and providing sales and distribution support.

With this world class achievement of top NFT transaction volume on the NFT marketplace, 1SEC will continue to further empower businesses and IP holders and support them through marketing Web3.0 services.

About 1BLOCK

1BLOCK is a creative team based in LA and Tokyo that develops and administrates Web3.0 projects. Their NFT collections have exceeded a total transaction volume of 500 million JPY. (Includes minting and secondary sales)

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About “MetaSamurai”

1BLOCK STUDIO’s NFT project that shows infinite potential. MetaSamurai, a collection consisting of 3,333 unique 3D NFTs, is developed by 1BLOCK STUDIO which is a creative team based in LA and Tokyo that empowers creators and develops Web3.0 projects. At one point it ranked No.1 for transaction volume on the world class NFT marketplace.



Applying 1BLOCK STUDIO’s experiences in blockchain service, AR service (METADRIP) and metaverse development and consultation, “1BLOCK LAB” aims to support businesses, IP holders and new business developers who are considering getting into NFT related Web3.0 businesses. This service entails planning and designing NFTs under original contracts and providing distribution/sales support.

The projects developed through “1BLOCK LAB” are expected to generate mid- to long-term synergies with various assets developed by 1BLOCK STUDIO, and incentives are also expected to be given to “NFT” holders.


METADRIP is an App Store smartphone app that allows asset holders to wear/experience 3DCG NFTs and digital assets via AR technology.

The plan is to gradually increase the lineup and allow for wearable experience if it is issued as an NFT. METADRIP adds a new layer of utility to digital assets and enables wearability through AR technology, connecting with brands and creators of all kinds and facilitating mass adoption.

App Store(iOS): ※Supported on iPhone-xs onwards


Company Profile

Company name: 1SEC inc.

CEO: Hirokuni Miyaji

Location: USA – 1541 Ocean Avenue, Santa monica CA, US. ,

JAPAN – 1-6-13-6F Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Established: Jan. 2019

Capital: 277.46 million JPY