The AppStore-featured pet growing game Kotodama Diary, by a Kyoto-based indie studio, now in English on AppStore and Google Play.

Kotodama Diary now available in English all over the world.

Kotodama Diary, the pet growing game created by Ske6 and published by Polaris-x Inc. (HQ: Kyoto, Japan CEO: Yasuhiro Sumida), available in English all over the world.

“Kotodama Diary”

Kotodama Diary, developed by Ske6, an indie game studio composed of two women and one man, is an iOS/Android game centered around feeding words to the characters, making them grow in unique and cute ways.

Since its Japanese release in May 2019 on AppStore and Google Play, the game has been featured 3 times by the AppStore, including the individual pick-up as “Today’s Game”. Because of its participation in several offline events and regular monthly updates, Kotodama Diary has gained the enthusiastic support of many fans. After receiveing comments indicating that there are players outside of Japan who wanted to play it, we finally started supporting English on 11th Dec, 2020. The whole in-game text is tailored to an English-speaking audience and the game will be downloadable all over the world.

The Story
You hear a voice calling you from above.”
These creatures are the kotodummies. You shall help them grow.”
Mystical words gently float in front of you.
“Feed them these words. Pretty please.”
And thus started your new life, overseeing the kotodummies and choosing which words to feed them.
Don’t worry, you’ll do great. I think.

The Game Play
In Kotodama Diary, you give words to the kotodummies to make them grow. Depending on which words they eat, they will grow differently. Maybe they’ll turn up cute, or cool, or… Choose the words you like best and try to find as many kotodummies as possible! You can collect them, play with them, silently stare at them, and much more! All of this in a room which you can decorate to your liking.
– Touch or swipe on the hearts to collect them
– When you have enough hearts, words will appear
– Choose one of the words
– Depending on which word you chose, the kotodummy will evolve
– Use gems or tickets to draw fortunes and get accessories
– The kotodummies will wear the accessories you give them, and, if they like them, they’ll give you useful items in return
– The kotodummies will collect coins which you can use to buy furniture
– Furniture helps you progress through the game faster
Decorate your room, play with your favorite kotodummies, and create your very own Kotodama Diary!

The English Culturization

Being a game where one plays with words, there is a lot of wordplay involved in Kotodama diary. The text has not simply been translated into English, but it has been adapted to make the many cultural references and puns easily understandable to an international audience.

Who’s behind Kotodama Diary?

“Achabox”, the designer, after participating in an indie game event as helping staff, decided that she wanted to create her own game. During a game jam in May 2018, she met “Kohei” (programmer) and “Fujino Kiri” (writer), and the three created the “Ske6″ team. During this jam, they created a prototype for “Kotodama Diary”, which gained a lot of attention. All three of them worked as employees or freelancers during the day, working on the game during the night. Then, in May 2019, they released Kotodama Diary to the public, once again achieving an overwhelmingly positive response.

[Kotodama Diary Basic Info.]
Title: Kotodama Diary
Genre: Pet Growing Simulation
Platforms: AppStore/Google Play
Price: FREE (+ In-App Purchase)
Developer: ske6
Publisher: polaris-x
Release date: November 11th, 2020
AppStore URL:
Google Play URL:
Official twitter:
Trailers (YouTube):

Contacts for the press
Polaris-x Inc.
PR: Yasuhiro Sumida (Sammy)
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